Fenton Wellness




1. What do you charge per session?

Our fees are set client by client.  The typical fees for services can run $200 for the initial session and $120 for each successive session.  We also have a sliding fee schedule based on Annual Income

2. What form of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa and MasterCard (both credit and debit cards), and personal checks. You may also pay with cash, but it needs to be the exact amount as we are not set up to make change.

3. Do you accept insurance?

We do accept some insurance plans.  You should always check with your insurance company to see if services at our facility will be reimbursed.  Pease contact us directly to discuss these options and decide what's best for you.

4. How long does therapy take?

This depends upon the issues that you bring to therapy. Some things inherently just take longer. We can discuss your specific treatment plan and process when we speak the first time.  Each individual session is scheduled for 40-50 minutes. 


5. Do you see clients on Saturdays?

Yes, we do see clients on Saturdays. Our office hours are by appointment.

6. My situation is complex. Can we talk before scheduling an appointment?

Absolutely! Just contact us directly at (810)309-9355 for a consultation.

7. What if someone in my family needs therapy too? Can they been seen at your office?

Yes, we have multiple therapists on staff.  The therapeutic relationship is the foundation of therapy. So we are cautious about one therapist seeing multiple family members.  We work collaboratively on cases to best serve your family. 

8. Are you willing to talk to my spouse/psychiatrist/family about our work?

Willing yes, but it will require your written permission. There are rules regarding your confidentiality, and we will go over these with you during our first session.

9. What if I start therapy with you and I don't feel it's working for me?

The good news is we have multiple different therapists on staff and for any reason you can ask to see a different therapist.  In order for therapy to be successful you have to be able to talk with someone you feel comfortable with, therefore we encourage you to make sure you are comfortable with who you chose to be your therapist. 


10. What if I have an issue that you don't specialize in?

Our therapists all specialize in different areas so we can provide the best services to the community.  Our profession requires we only work within the boundaries of our training and experience.  So if we are not able to assist you with your difficulties we will refer you to another therapist in the community.